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So, Nick Saban is coming to Alabama. Never mind the fact that he said, "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach." Never mind the fact that Wayne Huizenga has treated -- and continues to treat -- Saban with far more respect than he deserves. And never mind the fact that the Miami media is already carping that Saban left "A failure. A loser. A gasbag. ... (And) a weasel."

Says it all. (HT: EDSBS)

Nick Saban is coming to Alabama. And, somehow, I can't seem to find someone who looks good.

Certainly not Saban, who's done this before. Like when he said, "I'm happy with the LSU job and not interested in doing anything else." Yeah, that would have been shortly before taking the Miami job. Of course, he had already said when he came to LSU: "If I wanted to (go to the NFL), I wouldn’t be here today. It was not my goal to be an NFL coach. It’s my goal to bring this program to the highest level."

Now, I could rant on and on about Saban lying, but others have taken care of that. (My only disagreement: I would argue that Saban, who unlike most coaches issued a categorical denial, was worse than almost everyone else listed in the article.) I could talk about Saban's prospects for winning, but I'll do that later. Here's Maisel's take.

Instead, allow me to tell you a story. Once there was a proud program who thought they had found the coach to put them back on top. That coach's name bubbled up in rumors for another job, but the coach said nothing was in the works. He told his players to "hold the rope." And then he left them -- without saying goodbye.

His name was Dennis Franchione. And Alabama has never forgiven him.

What about in this case? Alabama took a coach from a team who thought he was theirs. A coach who had denied the rumors. A coach who left -- and told his coaches goodbye by speakerphone. Coaches who, it should be said, are not in imminent danger of losing their jobs and livelihoods.

But don't weep for the Dolphins. Or, despite his poise, Huizenga. Spare me the whining, Le Batard. Miami did the same thing when they lured Saban away from LSU.

Don't get me wrong. I wanted Alabama to get a talented coach, because it's no fun for Auburn fans to watch the Tigers beat the snot out of a rival coached by someone with the football acumen of Mr. Potato Head.

Buckets of fun for everyone -- except Auburn fans.

But I wish they could have gotten someone honest. I wish Saban would have the spine to issue non-denial denials and then move on, ignoring the speculation.

And I have a question for Tide fans: Do you trust him? Can you trust him?

Be honest for a minute. What goes through your mind when Saban says "I'm not going to be the Cowboys coach." "I'm not going to be the Texans coach." "I'm not going to be the Southern Cal coach."

Don't get me wrong. He's a great one to get when you can.

But what happens next?

What happens when you're the one waiting by the speakerphone and the plane is warming up on a runway, this time in Tuscaloosa, bound for the next job he's never going to take?

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Blogger TideFan45 said...

Being a solid tide fan, I was happy that Alabama was able to get Nick Saban. I wish he would have gone about it another way, as in saying when asked about the Alabama vacancy "no comment" instead of saying that he was absolutely not going to be the next Alabama head coach (numerous times). I hope his wife had something to do with him changing his mind and doing a 360, and not just him (knowing in the back of his mind that he was indeed interested and throwing off the press, along with his players,fans,coaches, and owner in Miami and the University of Alabama). If he would have had another losing season in Miami next year they would have fired him anyways. I had read something a few weeks ago that one of his peers had told the press that Saban had told him sometime back that Alabama was his dream job in the future. Hopefully we have not gained more enemies by getting him, we only have 2 teams that we really can't stand(those being Auburn, and LSU). I have been all over the country and there are Alabama fans everywhere, or at least respected for our tradition so I hope this hiring doesn't reflect badly on us(we just want a winning coach). If so, we will just have to live with it and hopefully get a national championship within the next 3 to 5 years and get our program back on track. I do think that Mike Shula was a good coach and I respected him, but I along with alot of UA fans don't think he was the right fit for the Tide. At the very least, it will make for a great year when we play Auburn and especially LSU, probably be safer to stay at home and watch those 2 games play out. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

10:36 AM

Blogger Brandon said...


Don't disagree that he's a great coach, and I think it makes the SEC a heck of a lot interesting. And you might be right -- there might be another reason he left. And, because Auburn is only team No. 2, I do acknowledge and appreciate the Tide's history and tradition. I just hope this doesn't tar it.

9:02 PM


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