Tuesday, January 16, 2007


When you first hear something bizarre, like "John Kerry said only stupid people go to Iraq," your first reaction is, there must be an explanation for this. Politicians don't say troops are dumb. (Actually, Kerry did, but that's beside the point.)

That's what you think when you hear, "Mike Shula was interviewed by the Dolphins."

There must be an explanation for this. Certainly, it's just a favor to Don Shula.

"Mike is a very, very highly qualified person," Dolphins chief executive officer Joe Bailey said on his weekly radio show. "He's got a lot of his dad in him -- very, very smart, very assertive, very firm." ...
The Dolphins apparently believe the 41-year-old Shula might be ready to become an NFL head coach. He went 26-23 in four years at Alabama, but 0-4 against Southeastern Conference rival Auburn. ...
In a statement released by the Dolphins, Don Shula endorsed his son's candidacy.
"Everywhere he has coached, Mike has exhibited class, integrity and enthusiasm, all critical ingredients to run a successful program," the elder Shula said.

Except, of course, winning.

"He has spent his entire life around the game and understands what it takes to build a winner. He has a special feeling about the Dolphin organization and truly appreciates the opportunity to talk to the team's management about the future of the franchise." ...
Don Shula has advised management during the search, as has Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.

He approves of the Miami Dolphins coaching search.

The CEO is praising Shula? The Dolphins are releasing the father's statement in support of the son?

Surely not.

Then again, John Kerry did call the troops stupid.

But at least that was meant to be a joke.

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Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Except, of course, winning.

That's exactly what I thought when I read that. Integrity, blah blah blah. If integrity means losing to Northern Illinois and being toothless inside the 20s, they have their man.

7:07 PM


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