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Since I will likely be at work when the Nick Saban news will be announced, I have undertaken a public service by creating two alternative posts: One if the Dolphins HC leaves for Alabama and one if he decides to turn down the Tide's offer. They appear below, with Saban taking the job in first post and turning it down in the second. (For news, I'd check the Web sites of the Miami Herald and the Tuscaloosa News.)
Welcome to Alabama. You just thought the drug cartels that run Miami are tough. But even they would wet their pants at the sight of the Tide fanbase.
Yes, if hard-core Florida fans are, as EDSBS has suggested, a komodo dragon, then Alabama's diehard faithful are Tyrannosaurs.
Don't worry. They really like you. Just make sure you win 10 games.
You remember that whole winning a NC at LSU within a few years? Yeah, you better do that here. Hint: Don't ever, ever have Leigh Tiffin kick a crucial FG. Near as we can tell, that was seen as one of Shula's more egregious crimes.
It appears that Mal Moore will have to find a third cheek, having been slapped on one by Rich Rodriguez and smacked on the other by Nick Saban. But, taking a cue from their last search, the Tide appears to have found their ... um ... individual: Nicholas Saban, the son of the legendary LSU coach.
But what made the trip back to Tuscaloosa even worse was that Mal had to pay for the jet fuel with cash because the station at the airport rejected his credit card. (Rim shot, please.)
Still on Alabama's list: Bobby Petrino, Paul Johnson and Pope Benedict XVI.
When you see the white smoke, a coach has been chosen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both stories are awesome and gave a good laugh! Roll Tide! WE got'em baby!

4:33 PM


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