Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This might appear to contradict C&F's anti-recruiting post from a few days ago, but there's a nice SI.com piece about Spurrier's recruiting efforts since he came to South Carolina.

C&F links to it for a few reasons, the main one being that it seems the national media (whom C&F doesn't beat up on as much as other fans (cough cough alabama cough cough)) has finally gotten over the "it's great to have him back in college football" stage with Spurrier.

You know, the one where the team or whether it's successful is of little importance because it's all about Spurrier. And as much as C&F loves having the man for a coach, the team should be more than a backdrop for his witty remarks. He was respected at Florida for what he did with the Gators -- not for being Steve Spurrier.

But the article also shows a healthy attitude about what all the stars mean:

Is it a big enough factor to help propel the Gamecocks to their first SEC title? Time will tell, but Spurrier and South Carolina are off to a good start.

There is one important philosophical point to the article that has less to do with the practical concern of whether these are "the" players: Spurrier is getting the players he wants.

Having seen what he did in Florida, that is more important to C&F than the number of stars behind their name.

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