Sunday, January 07, 2007


Bobby Petrino, he of the Louisville fame, is going to coach the Atlanta Falcons.

In July, he said about a contract extension with the Cardinals: "I also wanted to make sure that everyone understood, I know I've said it, that this is where my family wants to be. This is where I want to be. I want everyone to really believe it."

Significantly, Petrino asked that a $1 million buyout be put into his deal, should he attempt to leave the school.
"I don't believe in [buyouts]," Jurich said. "If a coach doesn't want to be here, I want him to leave. But Bobby said, 'I want to put that in here to show people how committed I am to this place.' "

Aw, how sweet.

Granted, this isn't Nick Saban-level deception. It's somewhere just below Tommy Tuberville-level deception. But it still ain't great.

How dare you question my nonexistent integrity?

Predictions: Brohm goes to the NFL. West Virginia and Rutgers fight for the Big East championship.

Oh, and I would love to be in the room for the first Petrino-Michael Vick meeting.

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