Monday, January 01, 2007


Oh. my. gosh.

Oh. my. gosh.

I just saw the best football game of the year. Best I've ever seen? Eh, that might be a bit much after last year's championship game. But, wow.

Boise State beat Oklahoma. Beat them. Didn't win on a fluke. Didn't win on a bad call. They flat out beat Oklahoma.

I'll take that, thank you very much.

This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen. This wasn't an upset. This wasn't a stunner. This wasn't a shocker. This was nothing short of an earthquake.

Yeah, Utah beat Pitt in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl. But that was Pitt, and Pitt back then was not what you'd call the best BCS-caliber team on the block. The Panthers weren't even ranked.

But Oklahoma was a bad call away from being in the national championship argument.

And Boise State beat them.

It started out with Boise State up 14-0. Then 21-10 at the half. Then 28-10. Then 28-20. Then it was tied.

And then it was over. Jared Zabransky threw a horrible pass to Marcus Walker, who was notably not wearing a Boise State uniform. So that's it. There's only about a minute left, and the game is done. The Sooners have pulled it out.

"The guys came over to me and said they believed in me and that's all I needed," Zabransky said. And so he led his team back down the field, wrapped it up with a hook and ladder, and we're into overtime.

Oklahoma scored right away on a 25-yard run from Adrian Peterson. Then, Boise State snapped to a WR in the quarterback spot, who threw a TD strike. And then they went for two ... and got it.

You couldn't have thought this up. It gives ammo to everyone. Would this game have been less special in a playoff? Maybe. Does it make the case that the Broncos deserve a chance to take on the other "big boys"? EDSBS thinks so.

What say you, ABC, who decided to pass on the BCS because they wouldn't give in to your playoff demands? You still feel like you made the best move? Your Rose Bowl, HUGE GAME, wasn't that good. Or, in the end, that huge. The BCS bust went bust, as it almost always does.

And Fox got the best game of the year.

The kicker? Ian Johnson proposing to his girlfriend on camera, and her saying yes.

And you're left thinking, man.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

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good writing on a fantastic game!

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