Thursday, January 04, 2007


Excerpts from Nick Saban's first press conference as the head coach of Alabama:

I know there's tremendous expectations here for what you would like to accomplish with this football program. I can tell you that however you feel about it, I have even higher expectations for what we want to accomplish.

Alabama fans want national championships? Nick Saban wants WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

I want to win every game we play.

As opposed to those who want their team to lose every game they play.

Had a wonderful owner in Wayne Huizenga, who I truly respect, adore and love as a man as much as anybody except my own father that I've ever met in the world. He came and gave me that opportunity, came back on Christmas Eve, talked me into going to the Miami Dolphins when I was going to stay at LSU. He is a wonderful person, very supportive.

So when I pissed on him, I did it enthusiastically.

We will have to hire a coaching staff.

Nick Saban: Captain of the little-known elements of a successful football team.

I also think it's very important that you use the players that you have; you utilize the players that you have.

Exactly what I was trying to say.

But I think the (Dolphins are) closer to being successful now. I think that the salary cap is in much better condition. I think they have all their draft choices. They're better off now.

It might be important to note here that almost every single independent observer disagrees with this statement.

Obviously the timetable for me was there was interest after Coach Shula was dismissed. I was in the season. I said I was not interested because my commitment and focus was to our team and our players to give them the best opportunity to win each week. Somebody else got hired. That was fine. Then for a long time nothing happened. The assumption was made there was some interest on my part. But I stayed focused to our team, what we needed to do each week to give our team the best chance to be successful. ... Not until after the Indianapolis game did Jimmy tell me there was an opportunity here that people were interested in me here specifically and the possibility of me being the coach here did exist.

First of all, Saban gives about four different times when he became interested in the job. "After Coach Schula was dismissed." "After the Indianapolis game." etc. etc. When was it.

And the idea that Nick Saban, having been hounded by questions from the South Florida press, was oblivious to the idea "that people were interested in me here specifically" stretches credibility. Too bad Saban has no crebility to stretch.

Let me just say this. My next stop, you know where Lake Burton is, in north Georgia, right on the North Carolina border, Rabun County ...

Unless, of course, it's not my next stop.

... it's a lake, where they made Deliverance, if you ever saw the movie. That's where I go in the summertime. That's where I like it.

That's where they have purty teeth.

I think the players that you saw play last night for LSU were primarily players that were recruited when I was there, JaMarcus Russell, Early Doucet, Craig Davis, Dwayne Bowe, LaRon Landry. They were all players that were recruited when I was there.

So I beat Notre Dame! My first victory of 2007! Roll Tide Roll!

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