Sunday, January 07, 2007



Ohio State's got a good running back.

Now, don't go telling everybody. It's a secret.

You know, I hadn't even recognized until Maisel pointed it out (never have I felt dumber saying something), but Antonio Pittman has been sinfully overlooked this season.

No, not as bad as Maisel makes it out to be.

Not quite Mr. Cellophane.

But Pittman hasn't gotten quite as much attention as you would expect for someone with 1,171 and 13 TDs at a school known for cranking out quality RBs -- as long as they don't go bonkers. (Aurice-may Arrett-clay?)

Now, I don't think Antonio Pittman is going to break the game open for the Buckeyes. Unless the Gators forget about him as much as the media has. If they do, Pittman could exploit that and end up with lots of yards and enough TDs to make the difference.

I doubt that will happen, though. Charlie Strong is a lot smarter than Ivan Maisel. And most of the rest of the MSM.

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