Saturday, January 06, 2007


It is time.

All of the appetizers have been eaten.

All of the previews have run their course.

It is time for the game.

Florida. Ohio State. For all the marbles.

Extenuating circumstances -- namely, the fact that Spurrier needs a few more years to get USC in the championship game -- Cock & Fire must now publicly declare allegiance to one of the teams in the BCS title match. There's no legal or moral obligation to do so; it's simply more fun rooting for someone in this big a game, and C&F might as well get his preference out there before getting all the preview stuff.

For an SEC fan, this is easy. Because of the gauntlet schedules that all conference teams must play, it is rare that we have a representative play for everything. But when we do, that team has acquitted itself well.

The SEC is 2-0 in national championship games in the BCS era. And with the summary executions of Arkansas and Tennessee in their bowl games this year, we have but one chance to revive our conference pride and disprove those who say the Big Ten is better than the SEC.

It is time to put petty rivalries behind us, to rise up in defense of the greatest college football league in the land.

Cock & Fire will be pulling with his team's coach on Monday.

He will be rooting for the Florida Gators.

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