Monday, January 15, 2007

IN & OUT: The Draft beckons

Despite Gamecock fans' disappointment -- mourning? -- over the loss of our beloved Sidney Rice, it's important to note that other teams are losing some of their treasured players as well.
Or, in the case of Hawaii, maybe not. (HT X 2: SMQ)
Not to be haughty, but the wishy-washiness of Brennan is one reason why I'm going to wait to analyze the draft departures until the window for deciding not to earn millions of dollars now when you can earn tens of millions of dollars later closes. (It's all about guaranteed money, boys, despite what the agents might tell you.)
But the ones who could make a dent in their college teams if they do go ahead and leave:
--Adrian Peterson. Just a monster. Nuff said.
--Antonio Pittman, Ted Ginn Jr., Anthony Gonzalez. Buckeyes fans hope Tressel has a few Escalades tucked away somewhere.
--Dwayne Jarrett. But Carroll will pull the next great WR from his butt.
--Calvin Johnson. Because Tech has no one else who can catch any ball anywhere near them.
--Reggie Nelson. Florida D is D-pleted by the D-raft.
--JaHulkus Russell. "JaMarcus angry. JaMarcus throw ball faaaaaaaaaaaaaar.")
And ... wait for it ...
Good play. Now, please, go to the combine.

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