Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sometimes, satire writes itself. Which brings us to the tree-sitters who are blocking the construction of Cal's new football facilities.

The Bears' worst enemy. Behind the Trojans, of course.

The relevant particulars:

BERKELEY — A judge on Monday halted construction of an athletic center near UC Berkeley's football stadium, saying a trial should determine whether the new building would be safe in an earthquake.
Alameda County Superior Court Judge Barbara Miller issued a four-page preliminary injunction on Monday, nearly a week after three groups of plaintiffs asked her to prevent the university from starting the $125 million project.
UC Berkeley attorneys have said the building would be the best way to keep athletes, employees and other students safe. The dangerous Hayward fault bisects adjacent 84-year-old Memorial Stadium, and the university has said it needs to move athletic offices and training rooms out of the stadium before it can start extensive renovation. Construction had been scheduled to begin early this year. ...
But a varied group of critics also has cropped up, including protesters who have refused to come down from oak trees on the site of the proposed Student Athlete High Performance Center. The university plans to remove some of the trees to make way for the building.
Approximately six tree-sitters in the oaks after the injunction Monday said they planned to stay perched there until the trees were saved permanently. As reporters and supporters milled around the grove Monday afternoon, one protester yelled, "Yeah, that's right, stick it to the man."
Tree-sitter Thomis Skotarek said by cell phone he and the other protesters did not trust the university to honor the injunction.
"They've been sneaky," he said. "You never know what they're going to do."

Actually, Arizona and USC-West knew exactly what they were going to do. But that's beside the point.

First of all, you wonder how many Cal fans knew before now that their football stadium sits atop a fault line. Or maybe we've just misunderstood the recent looks of Cal fans. We thought they were reacting to the play of their team. Perhaps they were really recoiling in horror at the swaying of the stands.

Second of all, you wonder which reporters won this plum assignment. "Yeah, you go stand around in the forest and wait for the spotted-owl lovers to make a statement."

But the unintentional satire goes on. Here is, reproduced below, the picture accompanying the above story and its caption. This is completely straight up.

ZACHARY RUNNING WOLF, who says he has been sitting in a redwood tree for 59 days, answers reporters' questions Monday after a temporary injunction was granted stopping the removal of coast live oaks next to Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley.

And then he returned to his meeting with Robin Hood.

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Blogger Seth said...

The "environmentalists" are actually special land interests protecting their property value. Be thankful you live in the south and don't have to deal with such absurdity as we Californians do!

12:55 PM


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