Friday, January 05, 2007

BOWL PREVIEWS: International Bowl and GMAC Bowl

It should be illegal to have a game that sucks between the BCS bowls and the national championship game. So what do you do when you have two games that suck between the BCS bowls and the national championship game?

You probably watch them anyway.

But you don't spend too much time intro-ing the previews. And you put them all in one post. Because that's what they deserve for doing this to us.

Bowl: The International Bowl
Location: Toronto, Ontario. Yes, there's now a bowl in Canada. If not a well organized one.

We'll get around to it once we make people want to come to our country...

When: 12 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Purported reason for existence: To match a team from the Big East with a team from the MAC. Because I always use to lie awake at night during bowl season and say, "You know what I want to see? A team from the Big East play a team from the MAC!"
Real reason for existence: To advance the Canadian goal of world domination.

Meet the new supreme leader.

Teams: Western Michigan vs. Cincinnati
Interest level: Are they playing by Canadian football rules? No? Then there is no reason to watch this game other than the mere fact that it is college football.
Key player for Western Michigan: LB Ameer Ismail, who really should not be allowed to have other players on the field with him on defense. He has (gulp) 25.5 TFL, 17 sacks, two interceptions, a forced fumble and two fumble recoveries. Which makes his numbers more impressive than the Notre Dame defense as a whole.
Key player for Cincinnati: Head coach Brian Kelly, who has a chance to be the first coach to beat the same school with two different teams -- he played Western Michigan while coaching Central Michigan. Now, if he could just remember who his tailback is.
Winner: Western Michigan. There's a reason no one has done what Brian Kelly is trying to do. You can't adapt to a team -- and have them adapt to you -- in a few weeks, and then put together a successful game plan.

Bowl: GMAC Bowl
Location: Mobile, Alabama
When: 8 p.m. ET, ESPN
Purported reason for existence: To match a team from Conference USA with a team from the MAC.
Real reason for existence: Because no one could come up with an answer when someone in the room where these things are decided asked: "Why not?"
Teams: Ohio vs. Southern Mississippi
Interest level: NBA Fastbreak. You know that, if you can just sit through it, ESPN will eventually show something you want to watch.
Key player for Ohio: RB Kalvin McRae, who has rushed for 1,215 yards and 15 TDs and tacked on another 280 yards and one score on the receiving end.
Key player for Southern Mississippi: RB Damion Fletcher, who's run for 1,330 yards and 9 TDs.
Winner: Southern Mississippi. Because teams from the Katrina zone seem to be on a roll this year.

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