Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I. am. slowly. losing. my. mind.

The silence is bearable when baseball is on, since the national pasttime remains my first sports love.

But this is the bad time. The time when it's all NBA with a dash of NFL, restricted to Sunday, Monday, and (every once in a while) Thursday and Saturday. And let's face it, NFL still stands for "Not as Fun League."

Nothing daily, no game between WAC midweights to tide us over. Heathens.

So, as we suffer, there are a few things to do. Like see how immature Big Ten fans are. (HT: EDSBS, who gives it to Dan.)

Screwing up the other guy's Wikipedia entry. That's incredibly ... stupid.

Those of us living in Georgia know that messing around with someone's Wikipedia entry can, impossible as it might sound, cause trouble. But all Michigan has to do is get ESPN to run a series about how this USC-West team is THE BEST ROSE BOWL CONTESTANT EVER!!!!1111 and the karma should even out.


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