Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Every few years, it's time for college football to go through a bloody ritual, with several coaches sacrificed to the unquenchable appetite of boosters and alumni.

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This is one of those years. As of the end of Tuesday, Larry Coker, Mike Shula, Chuck Amato, John L. Smith, Dirk Koetter, Don Strock, Dan McCarney, Jack Bicknell, John Bunting, Darrell Dickey, Walt Harris and Chris Scelfo had all been let go.

And this year, the blood runs from the "top" (cough cough) of the college football world in Miami to Tulane, who is ... not the top. It includes coaches who were perhaps given too much time (Chuck Amato) and those given not enough time (Walt Harris).

Now, it seems that the bloodletting is over, though it's conceivable that bowl games could end with another dismissal or two.

The key question is, which coaches will return? If the past is any indicator, several of these guys will just switch jobs. Smith to Stanford, for example, and Harris to Tulane. (I'm making this stuff up, so don't start any rumors.) Or somebody will go somewhere (wink wink, Rich Rod) and they will be replaced by someone from the above list. Larry Coker?


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Allow me to rearrange the deck chair dominoes in a completely pointless exercise, and project what would happen if history repeats itself exactly as it rolled out in their previous position:

McCarney to Stanford - McCarney wins his first game as HC, struggles early but builds a winning program. Wins 50% of games versus hated rival Cal, takes team to 5 bowl games, contends twice late into the season for Pac-10 title. Resigns 12 years later 1 year removed from a heartbreaking loss to UCLA that would have clinched a share of the Pac-10 title.

Shula to Miami - fresh off debilitating controversy at Miami, Shula rides in on a white horse, takes Miami to a 10-3 season, title contention and a major step towards glory, stumbles in a few close games the next season, and is fired.

John L. Smith to Tulane - turns Tulane into a contender (ala Louisville), then runs off to a rich, fickle, too-big-for-britches program (like Alabama), has one good season, then slaps self, fired mid-season.

Larry Coker to Alabama - Coker wins National Championship in 2007. Fired five years later for not being permanently undefeated.

Walt Harris to NC State - Moving to a new coast opens up a world of possibility for the Wolfpack. Unfortunately that world involves 6 wins over two seasons, and one "really good loss" to North Carolina.

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