Sunday, December 03, 2006


Pete Carroll announced today that he will have a new goal for his Southern California team next year: To avoid the Rose Bowl at all possible costs.

"We just can't afford to have another game like that," a stunned Carroll said after his team lost to UCLA, 13-9, in what was arguably the upset of the year in college football. "I mean, we can't continue to uphold the illusion of a championship-worthy program if the Rose Bowl continues to expose us as the also-rans that we are."

Dwayne Jarrett and his team are headed to ... Pasadena?

"Anything, really," Carroll said. "Heck, I'd rather go to the Insight Bowl than come back here."

Carroll was then told his team was likely to play in the Rose Bowl again Jan. 1.

"What? Dear Lord," he said. "Is the Alabama job still open?"

Twice in the last year, Southern Cal has entered the Rose Bowl with the national championship -- or at least a spot in the game -- on the line. Both times, they've come up short.

Part of the Southern Cal defeat Saturday can be chalked up to the appearance of a fleet-footed quarterback named Steve Yo... oh, no, can't be him. Well, maybe it's Tim Te... no, he'd be in Atlanta. Well, some fast white guy.

Can somebody name this quarterback? Or at least tackle him?

Oh, and there were the Southern Cal receivers par excellence, only without the excellence. And really without the par.

And the utter inability to find the end zone, or anything near it, on a consistent basis.

"Are you sure we can't play the Rose Bowl in, like the Coliseum? Or some other fair, neutral site?" Carroll asked. "I mean, it's just best if we never come back."


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