Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well, the only way we could have a real barn-burner of a BCS controversy would be if UCLA beat USC-West. And since there was noooo way for that to happen...


Well, Florida would have to beat Arkansas convincingly, playing good offense and containing Darren McFadden. And we all knew that wasn't going to...

Ah. Well. I see.

So now, as opposed to the contrived Florida vs. USC-West argument that was fueled by the Pac-10 media/conference machine, we'll have the debate we should have: Is Florida or Michigan more deserving of a shot at Ohio State in Glendale in January?

I'll give my reasons for Florida tomorrow, hopefully before the results come out.

But it comes down to what the voters think. First, the question will be where the USC-West votes go? If enough tip to Florida (which is unlikely, since the Pac-10 envies the SEC), it would tighten the margin between the Gators and the Wolverines. Some voters would inevitably have to leap-frog Florida over Michigan. That will happen in some cases, the question is in how many.

The wild card is the computers. While experts say the two teams will probably end up even in the computers, the microchips factor strength of schedule on a game-by-game basis. In other words, Florida will likely get a bump by adding a strong Arkansas team to their resume.

Human voters: Look at the wins, not the losses. Look at what a team has achieved, not what it almost achieved. And give the nod to a conference champion, instead of an also-ran.


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