Monday, December 18, 2006

LINKERATION: Head coaching moves

The coaching search season is heating up, with some appointments, a resignation and a raise. Let's play Linkeration!

--Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Jim Mora says he would "absolutely" take the job at his alma mater. The only problem is that Mora's alma mater is the University of Washington, which very much still has a head coach by the name of Tyrone Willingham. I think I speak for many Falcons fans when I say to U-Dub: "Take our head coach. Please."

Could take classes full of blue-chip recruits to consecutive 6-6 seasons.

--Louisiana Tech has found its man, an NFL assistant who also happens to be the son of a famous coach. "From the very first time I met Derek Dooley when we went to Miami, I was super impressed," Louisiana Tech president Dan Reneau said. La Tech: The home of "super-impressive" coaches.

Best hiring of a famous coach's son since ... this guy.

--Jim Harbaugh will take the job at Stanford. Hint on job security: Fill up the new stadium. Even if it takes talented seals and a fireworks show.
--Jeff Jagodzinski, who is apparently the offensive coordinator in name only at Green Bay, will take the job at Boston College. Get rid of Jeff Samadrzjigagad at Notre Dame, and I get this guy whose name i might have to spell for ... Wait a minute; it's Boston College. When am I going to have to write about them?


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