Sunday, December 31, 2006


Some coaching notes and tidbits:

--First of all, the Falcons' loss to Philadelphia second string Sunday all but packs Jim Mora's bags. Look out, Ty.
--Alabama, having lost its senses completely, now seems ready to dish out $40 million -- no, that's not a typo -- to reel in Nick Saban. Showing a knack for understatement, ESPN labels the contract "mammoth."

Interesting bit:

A current Alabama assistant told's Mark Schlabach on Sunday morning that former coach Mike Shula's staff expects Saban to be named the Crimson Tide's new coach sometime this week.
"He's going to clean house here, top to bottom," the coach said.

Since Schlabach is apparently comfortable in quoting the coach word-for-word, meaning he had to understand the coach's statement, one can guess this isn't Joe Kines. But it's interesting that the coaches are preparing for Saban, according to a reputable media source. Those are a few elements we haven't had until now.

More guessing: A $40 million deal pans out to, what, $6 mil/year for five years with a $10 mil signing bonus? $4 mil/year for ten years? Something in between? In any case, that just goes beyond lunacy. You could hire Paul Johnson, all his coordinators, pay your recruits double what you're paying them now and still have the money to take Mal Moore, Bear Jr. and the new coach to Billy Ray's BBQ Shack with $40 million.
--Glen Mason is out at Minnesota after losing the Insight Bowl. Can't you just see the discussion in the former coaches' club?

Larry Coker: I lost my job because I couldn't win more national titles.
Mike Shula: I lost my job because a rabid fan base believed they should win the SEC every year.
Glen Mason: I lost my job because I couldn't finish off the Insight Bowl.

--For the love of all that is holy, will someone please give Charlie Strong a job? What more does the man have to do?

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