Saturday, December 23, 2006

BOWL PREVIEW: Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

You gotta love the Hawaii Bowl. Not for anything on the field or for the rampant nepotism of almost always inviting the University of Hawaii even when they're barely bowl eligible, but for it's desperate, gasping attempts at relevance.

"The Hawai'i Bowl continues as the first non-all-star post-season game in Hawai'i since December of 2000 when the Oahu Bowl and the Aloha Bowl were played in Honolulu." Because you will not believe this sentence actually comes from anyone connected to the game, here's a link.

"Sheraton Hawaii Bowl Picked To Be The 3rd Best Game To Watch In The 2006 Bowl Season!" Again, link.

Bowl: The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Or Hawai'i Bowl, if you want to sound native and intellectual. Two things I feel no need to aspire to.
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
When: Dec. 24, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN

Won't see bowl. But he's a defense guy, anyway.

Purported reason for existence: To pair a WAC team with a Pac-10 team.
Real reason for existence: To ensure that the University of Hawaii plays in a bowl game if eligible to do so.
Teams: Arizona State v. Hawaii
Interest level: Jessica Simpson. Looks great, but not much substance.

Are y'all gonna check me out on DirecTV?

Key player for Arizona State: QB Rudy Carpenter, who's thrown 22 TD strikes despite Dirk Koetter's Hamlet routine in the preseason.
Key player for Hawaii: QB Colt Brennan, a late entrant into the Heisman Trophy race after passing for 15,000 yards and 87 TDs. Okay, so it was actually 4,990 yards and 53 TDs. It's still impressive, even for a Hawaii QB.
Winner: Hawaii. But "win one for the coach" is going for Arizona State. Yeah, that never works. Besides, Arizona State has disappointed at every conceivable point this year.

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