Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BOWL PREVIEW: The New Mexico Bowl

The New Mexico Bowl is the first of what you might call the two Nepotism Bowls. These bowls are one of the many dirty little secrets of the college postseason. Essentially, a state hosts a bowl that is created to make sure that a certain school has a bowl bid if it is bowl eligible. The New Mexico Bowl -- which could, conceivably, host either New Mexico or New Mexico State -- is probably less egregious than the Hawaii Bowl, which often hosts Hawaii, the state's only Division I-A university.

Rupert Murdoch approves of the NM Bowl lineup.

Bowl: New Mexico Bowl
Location: Albuquerque (If you can't figure out which state the game is in, please apply here.)

Sadly, there is no correct turn at Albuquerque in this case.

When: Dec. 23, 4:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Purported reason for existence: To pair a team from the Mountain West with a team from the WAC, proving that accomplishment is not necessary to get a bowl invitation.
Real reason for existence: To ensure bowl-eligible teams from New Mexico get to go to a postseason game.
Teams: New Mexico v. San Jose State
Interest level: Gigli. There is no conceivable reason why you should watch this game.

Pay no heed to her siren song. It's not worth it.

Key player for New Mexico: Rodney Ferguson, who ran for more than 1,100 yards and 7 TDs. He also caught 20 balls for 213 yards and two more scores.
Key player for San Jose State: Dwight Lowery, whose nine picks lead the team.
Winner: San Jose State. Because I know what a Spartan is and have only a vague inkling of what a Lobo might be. Besides, nepotism this blatant is deserving of divine punishment.


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