Wednesday, November 15, 2006


According to reports out of Michigan, Wolverines head coach Lloyd Carr became very irate over "the direction" of an interview with an ABC crew. (HT: MoTSaG) Due to its superior newsgathering ability, Cock & Fire has obtained a copy of the questions ABC intended to ask Carr going into the interview. It has been reproduced below:

--Can you hold your liquor as well as Musberger?
--Why does Jim Tressel own you?
--Why do you need a 70-some-odd-year-old man to stick up for you?
--Your Wikipedia entry says you eat young children's brains for breakfast. How do they taste?
--How great is Jim Tressel?
--Word association: Ball State.
--Word association: Jim Tressel.
--Haven't you just kind of coasted since the national championship?
--Is it true that you involuntarily wet yourself every time you see Jim Tressel?

At this point, according to Cock & Fire's sources, the interview ended.

--OSU Blog of the Day: Around the Oval.
--Michigan Blog of the Day: Maize n Brew. Don't miss the travel advisory posted following the recent events in Columbus.


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