Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Steve Spurrier is expected to leave South Carolina to take over Ohio State University's football program, perhaps as soon as next week, Cock & Fire has learned.

Spurrier reportedly believes he has a better chance of winning a national title -- something he badly wants to do -- at Ohio State, perhaps as soon as this year. He also enjoys golf, and is apparently unaware that there are golf courses in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, my aunt's brother-in-law's father's cousin is on good terms with the great-nephew of a booster who is very close to Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, and I'm hearing that a contract offer is on the table. CSTV is reporting that a contract between Spurrier and the Buckeyes is "a done deal."

Perhaps most telling are these flight plans, obtained exclusively by C&F, which clearly shows Smith's plane going to Columbia sometime in the last two weeks to talk to Spurrier:

This map = Spurrier going to Ohio State University.

Meanwhile, Jerri Spurrier has reportedly been scouting real estate in Columbus. Either that, or she was in town to drop off a rental car. Or at least it was someone who really, really look like her.

When asked about the rumor, Spurrier said: "Well, we're trying to win an SEC here at South Carolina. And then we'll try and win some other conferences 'til we have them all wrapped up."


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