Saturday, November 25, 2006


The hopes of the Bama rumor-mongerers are beginning to implode. Some of them had banked on a Cessna in South Carolina that would -- according to this theory -- whisk Spurrier to Tuscaloosa once his post-game press conference was over. But, um, Spurrier left the game on the team bus, not the magical Tide Ride.

I'm not saying categorically that Spurrier will stay. But the indications in Columbia, I've heard, are that he's not going anywhere.

Anything is possible in college football.

And Spurrier's response to Miami rumors -- which are the ones reporters are asking about because they are the most credible at this point -- after the game Saturday was encouraging:

While published reports continue to list Spurrier as a candidate at Miami, he reiterated Saturday that he is not going anywhere.
"Tell 'em it ain't going to happen," Spurrier said. "There's no question. You heard me talk about winning the SEC here, and that's my goal."

Again, I'll be glad when all this is over. But we're getting closer to a comfort zone. Final word on Shula could come Monday. If he's retained, it's over. If not, leaks or even news about who is actually on Bama's shortlist would follow.


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