Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm issuing a partial mea culpa to anyone who has followed the topsy-turvy trajectory as we followed the Alabama coaching search. I probably should have been a little more balanced, particularly last night as I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on. But spending two weeks around Bammers (again, Bama homers who irrationally believe all good and no bad about the Tide -- not normal Bama fans and normal Bama homers) will to that to you.

Part of it was, I admit, gut that something was going on. Something was, but it wasn't as much of a danger as I thought.

The other part was not so much doubting Spurrier as it was wondering how he would react to a very good offer. Imagine if someone placed $3 million/year on the table in front of you, as well as everything else that you could possibly want. Think you might rethink your commitment?

The shirt Mal Moore showed up in.

But I should have realized that Spurrier wants to accomplish something here, and that he meant what he said.

However, I will not apologize for covering this. I don't think it's counterproductive, as some have said, to keep an eye on this rumor. That's how teams lose coaches. And I wanted to know what was going on. So I figured most South Carolina fans wanted to know what's going on. And as the only free-standing USC blog I've been able to find, I wanted to make sure I was providing that info. (This is not a slam on Gamecock Central or Gamecock Anthem, but neither is a blog and both charge subscriptions to see the really good stuff.)

The richest part of this is that the Bammers on the boards are now accusing Spurrier of "leading them on," like he didn't deny interest in the job three or four times.

To the rational Bama fans: Those that have come on here and appeared on some of the boards speaking like intelligent people instead of trying to follow FedEx planes across the continent have helped me retain my faith in the overall goodness of your team's fan base. Good luck on your coaching search -- we want a good one to beat in Atlanta in a few years -- and please feel welcome on this blog any time. Love to have you keep coming back -- if nothing else, it helps the traffic numbers. But you've really got to do something about those Bammers.

But it's done. Let's move on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was me who stated continuing these rumors was counterproductive and I still believe that is true. My point is that we Gamecock fans don't need to do anything to add fuel to the fire. As I said earlier, it's clear that Spurrier has good character and men of good character don't say one thing and do another. Unfortunately all coaches don't have that same character and hence it is not uncommon to hear someone say no way only today only to show up a press conference tomorrow!

6:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more point from me. Now that it is becoming clear to everyone at Alabama that Spurrier is not interested and never will be you can expect to see a lot of Spurrier bashing and also backing away that they ever wanted him. That is of course to: 1. Save Face and 2. Make the 2nd choice feel like he was always the 1st choice. Typical politics!

6:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a rational Bama fan, I also believe Spurrier is/was not coming to Alabama, but you also need to be rational USC fan in believing the gamecocks are not going to be in the SEC Championship no time soon.

6:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Alabama Alumn who has been very close to the program since my playing days. I saw Bro. Oliver earlier today and asked if there was any truth to the rumors of him coming out of retirement to be the DQ under Spurrier if he is hired.When asked directly about a Spurrier/Alabama deal he would not comment but did say he was eagar to get back to what he loves but the right offer hasn't come along, yet(with a wink).

12:16 PM

Blogger Brandon said...

Anon. 1 and 2 -- Understand your point. But my job is to inform about what's going, whether good/bad/indifferent to South Carolina. But I agree, Spurrier has better character than most, as we've seen. And I agree; Spurrier-bashing has already begun on the Bama boards.

Anon. 3 -- Spurrier has twice said the goal is win more than we lose. Now, he says it's an SEC crown. Seeing as he knows of what he speaks when it comes to SEC championships, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt right now. We're closer than a lot of people realize. Only barrier is that the SEC East is tough...but we'll see.

Anon. 4 -- I don't doubt that Bama and Oliver still want Spurrier. But there has to be mutual interest and I don't think it's there. Bama is a good job for somebody; I don't think it's a fit for Spurrier.

7:23 PM


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