Wednesday, November 29, 2006


A consensus is starting to form around Rich Rodriguez for the Alabama job. Orson over at EDSBS says so, and also deflates the Spurrier rumors. We note this because they had Spurrier earlier and longer than we have had him:

Spurrier said he’s not taking the job. Therefore, he’s not taking the job. He’s only left one job abruptly, and is generally a pretty ethical and fair guy. (And when boy tyrant Daniel Snyder is that guy, you’re looking for any excuse to gnaw your arm off, slip the million dollar chains, and skedaddle–which Spurrier did.) It’s a matter of public record, and he’d be caught in a lie, which doesn’t jibe with his past track record.

And now the MSM in West Virginia is jumping on this one and, perhaps in a bid to keep R-Rod, telling him why it would be a really bad idea. I don't entirely agree with the idea that pressure makes the job bad, but I link to this column not just for a diversity of opinion, but also for this juicy tidbit:

Some in WVU's Puskar Center football offices say they don't know what's going on ... but that it sure seems something's going on.

Other intriguing possibilites? EDSBS also gives Kim Jong Il a shot (would that be the real Kim Jong Il or the Clemson Kim Jong Il?), while the M Zone says Bryant is coming back. (HT: RBR)

As for RBR, they have fascinating proof that no coach's career is ever truly dead.

UPDATE: I posted this, but things are changing rapidly ... will update shortly.


Blogger Johnny said...

If you're interested, here's an article from Coach Rod's weekly call in show last night. Doesn't come out and say no, but if you read between the lines.... It's also the first time he has mentioned asperations of being a Pro Coach.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Check out this article and audio clip from this evening. Rich Rod is not going anywhere!

7:07 PM


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