Wednesday, November 01, 2006

THE ROAD TO ... Glendale (probably)

While there might be some doubt about the significance of tomorrow's MOST IMPORTANT GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE BIG EAST, there is no disputing that the Nov. 18 game between Michigan and Ohio State is probably the biggest game left on the college slate.

Verify this.

The winner will almost certainly win the conference and go to the national title game. Unless...

Because of the byzantine tiebreaker rules used by the Big Ten -- and, really, what conference doesn't use byzantine tiebreaking rules? -- if Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin all end up with one loss, Wisconsin would (believe it or not) get a BCS berth, but probably to the Rose Bowl instead of to the NC game.

Could it happen? Well, Michigan's only other Big Ten game is Nov. 11 at Indiana. OSU travles to Illinois on Saturday and to Northwestern on Nov. 11.

If there is an upset somewhere -- and the one-loss team wins the game in Columbus -- then Wisconsin's fate would likely hinge on it's home game against Penn State on Saturday and a trip to Iowa on Nov. 11.

But we all know what's going to happen. Michigan plays Ohio State for all the marbles in Columbus.

We think.


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