Friday, November 24, 2006

ORANGE CRUSH -- Act III, Clemson

1. Villian.
A man who got his position mostly because of the name of his father. Who triumphs unexpectedly every once in a while, shocking the world, only to do something reminding us all of his fiefdom's third-world status. Our villian for this week? Kim Jong Il.

Clemson head coach inspects his team before kickoff.

2. Mascot.
Mr. Tiger. Why he's called Mr. Tiger, I don't know. Probably because he has all of his teeth, which seems to be some sort of status symbol at CU.

Address this man animal with respect!

3. Lame Tradition.
Howard's Rock.

When the Clemson team gathers to Run Down The Hill, the players rub Howard's Rock because of the mystical powers it is supposed to give Clemson players.
This includes the ability to beat Florida State one week and then lose to Wake Forest the next. Back when Florida State was good. And Wake Forest was not.

Mystical powers of inconsistency will awe you.

4. High point of the year.
For once, it was not defeating Florida State. Instead, it was blasting Georgia Tech, the odds-on favorite for the ACC championship. Unfortunately (for them), the Tiggers were torched the following Thursday at Virginia Tech.

5. Proof that God hate orange.
Brad Scott

6. Spurrier's record against Clemson: 1-3.


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