Sunday, November 12, 2006

ORANGE CRUSH, ACT II -- Florida Recap

--Blake did a good job picking apart the Florida secondary, going 24-of-33 for 275 yards. The question is whether this is a Central Florida-style fluke or if Steve Spurrier's masterful handling of the psychology of quarterbacks is one again at work.
--Mike Davis was able to gash the Gators defense pretty easily as well. If he can get started and stay on-course, he could be a valuable asset against (a) Clemson, whose offense we must keep off the field; and (b) our opponents next year.
--Sidney Rice said those magic words again: "I'm coming back." Oh, those are lovely to hear.

--The defense continued giving up yards to good offenses. In this case, 437 yards, which is way, way too much to give up to a superior team at their house.
--Penalties. Ten for 85 yards. And some of them were drive-killers or drive-stallers. Once again, you can't do that at the other guy's stadium.
--Tim Tebow. If you saw the game, you understand. If you didn't ... words cannot describe the badness.

--Special teams.
--Special teams.
--Special teams. Horrible. Nightmarish. Maybe there isn't anyone to blame. But it was not good.


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