Sunday, November 12, 2006


The newest BCS standings, courtesy Fox's post-game NFL show, with comments:

1. Ohio State. No surprise here.
2. Michigan. Ditto.
3. Southern California. "This will be controversial," Joe Buck says. Well, he knows something about college football.
4. Florida. They have the better schedule overall. But the remaining games are weaker than USC-West's.
5. Notre Dame. Wow. I didn't expect them to jump this high.
6. Rutgers. Finally getting their respect.
7. Arkansas. Still not getting their respect. But they've got a shot at Florida coming up if they run the table.
8. West Virginia. Hmm. Not much to say here.
9. Wisconsin. Again, finally getting a little bit more respect.
10. Louisville. How do they stay here?


12. Boise State. Would qualify for berth.


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