Sunday, November 19, 2006


The rankings as reported by Fox Sports, with my comments:

1. Ohio State. As it should be.
2. Michigan. Please, no rematch.
3. Southern Cal. They beat Cal. Only Notre Dame and UCLA remain.
4. Florida. With only FSU remaining, needs a bump from a big SEC championship game.
5. Notre Dame. If they beat USC, could they move past Michigan?
6. Arkansas. Wins over LSU and Florida could boost them.
7. West Virginia. Still with only one loss. Note: West Virginia is over Louisville, who defeated West Virginia. Louisville is ahead of Rutgers, who beat Louisville. Go figure.
8. Wisconsin. Would be in good shape in conference not called the Big Ten or the SEC.
9. Louisville. Will two Big East teams get into BCS? Probably not, and Louisville could be the odd team out.
10. LSU. Win against Arkansas could put them in line for a BCS bid if Florida wins championship.

I haven't been able to find out where Boise State is. If they are No. 12 or No. 16 and ahead of the ACC leader -- which are both very possible -- they get a BCS bid. As would, at this point, Notre Dame. That would put Ohio State, Southern Cal, the SEC champ, the ACC champ, the Big East champ, the Big XII champ, Notre Dame, Boise State and two teams to be named later in the games.

Michigan would almost certainly get the call to go to Pasadena (if they don't go to the NC game), to face either Southern Cal or somebody else if USC-West faces Ohio State. Then the SEC runner-up, Big East runner-up and LSU would be fighting it out for the final spot.

As things stand now. All, of course, subject to change with the way this season is going.


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