Thursday, November 16, 2006


As might be expected with this kind of a game, there is a massive amount of information out there to try to digest. Let's play linkeration!

--Maisel sings the praises of the Michigan defense, which is just scary, out-of-its-mind good. To quote Glen Mason: "They've got a defensive line that we'd all like to have. ... The linebackers are very athletic. The secondary is really good." So you find the weakness.

LaMarr Woodley: Can pretty much play defense single-handedly.

--Forde notes that Troy Smith has owned -- owned -- the Wolverines. No, until you read this stuff, you probably don't know just how bad it is. Unless your a Michigan fan. And, in that case, don't read this story.

Michigan's worst nightmare since Tippy Dye.

--Revsine notes that Michigan and Ohio have, in fact, gone to war. He also points out that Ohio elections officials are -- and I presume he's not making this up -- delaying a recount by a day in order to avoid competing with the game.

Scrutinizing the Buckeyes' game plan. Democracy can wait.

--Mgoblog does something called "analysis," breaking down items the experts call "Xs and Os." With pretty videos, too!
--MZone clears up who is obsessed with whom. Hint: It ain't his guys.
--EDSBS gives us another update from Columbus. You know it's bad when ... your future depends on the military muscle of the French.
--A baby or football tickets? No, it's not somebody selling a child for seats, oddly enough. It's the other way around. (HT: EDSBS)

--OSU Blog of the Day: The Buckeye Expat.
--Michigan Blog of the Day: Blah Blah Blah.


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