Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Looks like we're going to be doing this at least through the weekend, folks, so stay tuned.

Following the TSN report of a few days ago, is also reporting a list of names that, at this point, does not include Spurrier. That doesn't mean he's not on the list, but it seems odd that his name would be left off, since the most likely reason (he still has a big game coming up) would also fit Greg Schiano, for example:

Possible replacements for Shula include Louisville’s Bob Petrino, Rutgers’ Greg Schiano, Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe, Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, Iowa’s Kirk
Ferentz or Navy’s Paul Johnson.

For reference, even the anti-Shula forces have implored their followers to listen to TideSports, so this report could be credible.

The only common name in the reports is Petrino, which means nothing, because every sportswriter in America is now legally required to float Petrino's name any time a head coach is about to be fired.

Nick Saban's name was in. Now it's back out. But for some reason he still feels compelled to address the rumor again later, which is odd.

Meanwhile, Roll Bama Roll has identified an intriguing candidate: Papa Smurf. (HT: EDSBS)

In any case, Alabama has indicated that this ain't going to be over until after the Thanksgiving weekend, at least.

"This is not a process that I wish to discuss at length in a public forum,"(Bama AD Mal) Moore said in a statement.

Sorry, Mal, that train left the station about three days ago. So go ahead and put four or five fan bases out of their misery and make a decision. Or at least authorize a leak so we know what's going on.

Don't these people know how to handle an imploding, leak-ridden firing?


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