Sunday, November 26, 2006


Ah, it's time for the Coachousel to get started in earnest. To wit:

--Chuck Amato's "future" will be announced Sunday. It doesn't ever look good when your fate is going to be announced. Amato might get another spot in the university athletics bureaucracy, but my speculation is he's out. Is that Mal Moore calling?
--Dirk Koetter is out. Or maybe he's not. Or maybe he is... Inconsistency, inability to beat the conference's big dogs, inability to decide who your quarterback is, etc.
--No reliable word on Spurrier to Alabama. And by reliable, I mean a media organization you've heard of or somebody with some credibility. But Bama fans have gone crazy with the flight trackers, showing planes going to West Virginia and Kentucky. (Which I think would mean Louisville. I can't imagine Alabama would be desperate enough to hire Rich Brooks. Yet.)
--Here, I feel like I should point out that some of the supposed candidates for Alabama's job are done with their seasons. Others are not. Spurrier is one of those. If this has really been "a done deal" since the Alabama-Florida game, this thing would be announced in short order.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Bama's flying in Stallings for the 3 p.m. press conference. Not to take over, but to be there. I would think that means a coach will be announced today. If not, there will certainly be much gnashing of teeth.

11:42 AM


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