Tuesday, November 14, 2006


In a pretty good move, there is an e-mail making the blog rounds about what students from Michigan should and should not do during the game in Columbus to keep themselves safe.

For the most part, the suggestions are pretty good. Then we get to this line:

--Try carpooling to the game; if possible, drive a car with non-Michigan license plates.

Wow. That's a serious rivalry.

Granted, most of our Southern rivalries are intrastate affairs: Auburn-Alabama; Mississippi-Mississippi State; Georgia-Georgia Tech; Clemson-South Carolina, etc., etc., etc. So license plates aren't an issue.

Now, if you really wanted to be safe, you could just dress in scarlet and grey. And wear a big Brutus head.

A Michigan fan prepares to enter the 'Shoe on Saturday.

I agree that students should do everything they can to stay safe. But I would hope that Ohio State fans would be more mature than this. Granted, these are folks from Ohio we're talking about. Still ...

Actually, I hope fans from both sides will keep the atmoshere rowdy, charged tense ... and safe. This game should be a celebration of everything great about college football. We don't need some half-brained OSU student and some half-brained Michigan student screwing things up.

Nothing like that would ever happen in the South.

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