Thursday, November 30, 2006


Bowl game talk is heating up. Let's play Linkeration!

--Man, Miami fans are going to be kicking themselves for getting rid of Larry Coker. He's making history at the U, taking them to their first-ever MPC Computers Bowl.

Another historic accomplishment.

--LSU fans are going bonkers over rumors they're going to the Rose Bowl. For some reason. Anyway, they're buying up tickets like Greg Schiano stock. Despite denials by the Rose Bowl board. Maybe it's something in the water in the SEC West.

--Ohio State students, meanwhile, are not capable of buying tickets to a bowl they are most assuredly going to. ESPN finally jumps on this, though The 614 was talking about it days ago. Still is. Columbus is asking for the return of those UzBuckistan nuts.

According to ESPN, a few matches have been set, beyond the Nevada-Miami thrillo in Idaho:

--Cal will play Texas A&M in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (because what says the holidays more than insurance companies gouging you for half your net worth?) ;
--UCLA takes on Florida State in the Emerald Bowl (those horrible nut commercials are coming back...);
--Hawaii and Arizona State will try to put up a combined 150 points in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl;
--Utah and Tulsa will engage in combat at the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (no one on the terrorist watch list allowed);
--San Jose State and New Mexico will find out if the Nielsens include negative numbers in the New Mexico Bowl;
--Oregon will play BYU in the Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl (because Mormons are so at home in Las Vegas); and
--TCU will play Northern Illinois in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, which should be about as interesting as its name would suggest.


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