Monday, November 27, 2006


Before I get flamed for the below post, I want to make clear that I think Bama fans that believe that Spurrier will come, regardless of all fact (as opposed to those who think he could come, because it's still possible), are a fringe not representative of Tide fans as a whole. Most of them are level-headed people, even if their opinion of Alabama is still a tad high. So don't completely tear me up.

Don't stomp on me. Please.


Blogger Cheryl Wray said...

Happened upon your blog when I was doing a google for "Alabama coaching search" (since I'm a rabid Bama fan who desperately wants some news!) and enjoyed reading through your last couple of posts! I am a huge Bama fan--season ticket holder--but I don't live in the Land of Make Believe like many others out there! I would love to have Spurrier here simply because he's a great coach, but I believe him when he says he's happy at USC.
Enjoyed your blog!

7:01 PM


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