Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is brutal. Lots of schools have decided the best move is firing their coach.

The latest to bite the dust is Tulane head coach Chris Scelfo, axed after a 4-8 season. I can't imagine what the reason for the firing is; it can't be a failure to meet expectations, because I doubt there are really any expectations at all.

In any case, it continues a series of professional beheadings that have set in. Head coaches now have the job security of Gorbachev circa 1991.

The cannings include Mike Shula, Dirk Koetter, Don Strock, Dan McCarney, Larry Coker, John L. Smith, John Bunting, Chuck Amato and Darrell Dickey. Which is about the same number of people who have said they don't want the Alabama job.

The only upside? Maybe somebody will give a certain Florida defensive coordinator the shot he deserves.

Can you tell me why I don't have an HC job?


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