Monday, October 30, 2006

THE ROAD TO ... Kansas City

You know, just when you think "The Road to Jacksonville" is the lamest championship moniker ever, you realize that the Big XII, what with its Western/Midwestern expanses, managed to find the only city with a stadium more boring than Jacksonville.

Yay! We're going to KC!

But to win the, ahem, honor of going to Arrowhead Stadium, the teams must navigate the Big XII. And, in the same spirit the education establishments in Alabama and Georgia are grateful for Mississippi for drastically lowering national standards, the Big XII must be grateful this year for the ACC. You don't have to be the best-looking guy at the party if the only other guy left has three teeth.

As for the divisions now, here's where they stand: If Texas runs the table, they win the North. Game, set, match. The Horns host Oklahoma State (11/4) and then go to Manhattan (11/11) for their next two conference games. In the meantime, the marquee match-up will be Oklahoma v. Texas A&M on Saturday. If Oklahoma wins and Texas hits no speed bump, the Horns are in the championship game. But if A&M pulls out the victory and beats Nebraska in College Station on Nov. 11, then the Aggies play Texas on Nov. 24 for all the marbles.

In the South Division -- currently known as the "Sacrificial Lamb" Division -- Missouri and Nebraska are locked in a tie. That means Tigers v. Huskers this Saturday could decide the division. But with the A&M game Nov. 11 for Nebraska, Big Red needs a win more than the Tigers. Mizzou's remaining Big XII games? At Iowa State (11/18) and hosting Kansas (11/25). With one more possible loss on it's slate, Nebraska would love to have the tiebreaker in its pocket.


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