Monday, October 16, 2006

THE RANKS: Who knows?

Can I drop Georgia into the un-unranked? Is there another circle of unrankedness for a team that loses to Vandy at home for homecoming?

Guess not. There's enough knocking around going on. I'm not at the rip-up-the-poll-and-start-all-over-again stage. But I'm close.

The ranks:

1 (Last week: 1) Ohio State: def. Michigan State, 38-7. An impressive enough win to keep them rolling along at No. 1, despite the temptation to shake the whole poll up like a silicon Etch-a-Sketch. Now it gets painful, the pride and the ego wounded by some bad calls.

2 (3) Michigan: def. Penn State, 17-10. Get ready for a knock-down, drag-out, full-blown slobberknocker to wrap up the Big Ten season. Imagine it: 11-0 Ohio State. 11-0 Michigan. Everyone's projecting it, so it probably won't happen. But it would be a great, great football game. And probably pre-empted in Atlanta by Georgia Tech's monumental showdown with Duke.

3 (4) Southern California: def. Arizona State, 28-21. Man, I hate doing this. I really hesitate to say that Southern Cal deserves this spot on the poll. But they're still undefeated. I like Auburn, and I agree with Tommy to a point. But you have to get bonus points for being without a loss. This will, I think, straighten itself out in the end.
4-T (5) West Virginia: def. Syracuse 41-17. They haven't really screwed up. But what have they done? What have they proven? Nothing until they play Louisville and Rutgers. So they find themselves in a tie with ...
4-T (10) Auburn: def. Florida, 27-17. Impressive, gutsy win over the Gators. But the loss against Arkansas still lingers. So I can't move them over West Virginia. And this will also straighten itself out.

6 (7) Tennessee: IDLE.
7 (8) Texas: def. Baylor, 63-31. The 'Horns staked the Bears a 10-point. Then they blasted the hapless boys in green.
8 (6) Louisville: def. Cincinnati, 23-17. Brohm appeared Rusty. And the Miami win no longer looks impressive. So they slip.
9 (9) Notre Dame: IDLE.
10 (2) Florida: lost to Auburn, 27-17. Is it time to introduce the FULL CIRCLE curse?

Victim of the dreaded Cowherd-Skycam duo.

11 (11) Clemson: def. Temple, 63-9. Sort of-kind of remove doubt that they're an elite program. But there's too much talent above them to move them up.
12 (13) California: def. Washington State, 21-3. Which proves ... what, exactly?
13 (14) LSU: def. Kentucky, 49-0. Nice rebound from the loss to Florida and Iowa's free fall moves the Bayou Bengals up a slot.
14 (15) Arkansas: def. Southeast Missouri State, 63-7. Division I-AA, directional name, and a "State" to boot. Again, this tells us nothing.
15 (16) Georgia Tech: IDLE.
16 (17) Oklahoma: def. Iowa State, 34-9. Doing what they need to do. So they don't move.
17 (NR) Wisconsin: def. Minnesota, 48-12. I was wrong earlier this season. Minnesota is bad bad bad. But Wisconsin torched them and, with the other wins they've had, deserve the bump.
18 (18) Oregon: def. UCLA, 30-20. Just edging Rutgers here, because I can't bring myself to say the Scarlet Knights would beat the Ducks. But I'm close.
19 (20) Rutgers: def. Navy, 34-0. We could have some real barnburners to close out the Big East this season.
20 (22) Boise State, def. New Mexico State, 40-28. Gave up a lot of yards, but managed to get the win in a week when a lot of other teams couldn't.
21 (23) Nebraska: def. Kansas State, 21-3. Not very impressive to beat K-State. But it's a win, and a solid one.
22 (NR) Texas A&M: def. Missouri, 25-19. How much of that was Texas A&M is good and how much was Missouri is bad? We'll find out.
23 (21) Missouri: lost to Texas A&M, 25-19. Again, trying to sort things out.
24 (NR) Boston College: def. Virginia Tech, 22-3. Don't look for the ACC turmoil to end any time soon.
25 (NR) Wake Forest: def. N.C. State, 25-23. Tread carefully with any team like Wake Forest. Move them up too fast, and they can bite you.

DROPPING OUT: Iowa's loss to Indiana was too much...Boston College is a mystery, but Virginia Tech shouldn't have gotten beat like that...Penn State is gone...Washington couldn't hang on...

ON THE BUBBLE: Pittsburgh has a big game coming up against Rutgers...Iowa can still win their way back on...


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