Sunday, October 08, 2006

THE RANKS: SEC play shuffles things around

1 (Last week: 1) Ohio State: def. Bowling Green, 35-7. This is beginning to test my faith. Could Ohio State beat Michigan? Florida? I'm still shaky as to why I keep them at No. 1, but they really haven't given me a reason yet to drop them.

2 (2) Florida: def. LSU, 23-10. The rest of the world joins me in my belief that Florida is (at least) the second-best team in the nation. They are surely doomed. The only weakness right now is the QB rotation, but it seems to be working out fine for them. Not for Leak's Heisman prospects, but for his team's NC prospects. Now they must overcome FULL CIRCLE, which, as far as I can see, is usually a disaster for all involved.

3 (4) Michigan: def. Michigan State, 31-13. Sorry, they have done a lot more than Southern Cal this year. Especially since the Trojans enjoyed the team-bending abilities of that guy on Heroes.
4 (6) Southern California: def. Washington, 26-20. Baaaarely a win. Thankfully for USC, Auburn and LSU both take a tumble.
5 (8) West Virginia: def. Mississippi State, 42-14. Now they're beginning to rebuild the confidence I lost in them after the ECU game. Yes, it's Mississippi State. But that's a whuppin.
6 (7) Louisville: def. Middle Tennessee State, 44-17. Meanwhile, the other "sleepwalking through the Big East" team puts an equal size whuppin on Middle Tennessee State. That puts them in second, though the return of Brohm could change this.
7 (12) Tennessee: def. Georgia, 51-33. Wow. Wow. 51 points? On Georgia? In Athens? I thought they were good and Georgia was bad. I didn't know Tennessee was this good and Georgia was this bad.
8 (9) Texas: def. Oklahoma, 28-10. Mack might never be known as "Big Game" Mack again. And Oklahoma seems to be losing its grip on the Red River Rivalry.
9 (10) Notre Dame: def. Stanford, 31-10. Struggled mightily with the decision between Auburn and Notre Dame, but I think the Irish get a slight edge over a team that was thoroughly unimpressive Saturday.
10 (3) Auburn: lost to Arkansas, 27-10. That was not just a bad loss. That was not just a whuppin. That was embarassing. Suddenly, Florida looks a full cut above instead of a slight favorite.

11 (11) Clemson: def. Wake Forest, 27-17. Over the hump and looking like a good bet for Jacksonville.
12 (13) Iowa: def. Purdue, 47-17. Still the "Oh, and..." in the Big Ten.
13 (21) California: def. Oregon, 45-24. Lowers the boom on Oregon. Arguably the best team in the Pac-10 since the Knoxville meltdown, which might haunt them the rest of the way.
14 (5) LSU: lost to Florida, 23-10. If Les and the crew don't straighten things out, this could be the beginning of a long slide.
15 (NR) Arkansas: def. Auburn, 27-10. Could the Hogs get to Atlanta? Only LSU stands in their way.
16 (16) Georgia Tech: def. Maryland, 27-23. Hangs on to beat the Terps. Hangs on to No. 16.
17 (15) Oklahoma: lost to Texas, 28-10. Seems about right. Poetic justice after the jobbing at Eugene.
18T (14) Oregon: lost to California, 45-24. Bad, bad loss. What more can you say?
18T (18) Virginia Tech: IDLE. I put them in a tie so I don't drop them, but I'm not sure they could tie Oregon in a game.
20 (19) Rutgers: A victim of the Arkansas Surge.
21 (24) Missouri: def. Texas Tech, 38-21. Continues to quietly work its way through the Big 12.
22 (NR) Boise State, def. Lousiana Tech, 55-14. Yeah, I put them on this week. Seems right.
23 (23) Nebraska: def. Iowa State, 28-14. Also working quietly through the Big 12.
24 (19) Penn State: def. Minnesota, 28-27. Should have lost. But they didn't. So it's hard to drop them out entirely.
25 (25) Washington: lost to Southern California, 26-20. Without the "missing seconds," they might have beat Southern Cal. So, no, I'm not going to drop them for almost beating the No. 4 team in the country. Why? Because dropping someone just because they lose or moving someone up just because they win is beyond stupid.

DROPPING OUT: Georgia is going to be hurting in a big way real soon...Florida State continues to bumble around, becoming the second FULL CIRCLE team to drop out...

ON THE BUBBLE: Wisconsin is just shy of getting on...Even with the loss to Clemson, I like Wake Forest...For two straight weeks, N.C. State beat a then-ranked team...


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