Sunday, October 15, 2006


Wow ... that didn't take long.

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) -- Miami coach Larry Coker said Sunday that at least eight Hurricane players will be suspended for their role in a sideline-clearing brawl against Florida International. ...
Coker said the five players ejected in the fight -- offensive linemen Derrick Morse and Chris Barney, running back Charlie Jones, and cornerbacks Carlos Armour and Bruce Johnson -- would be suspended.
Coker also suspended safeties Anthony Reddick and Brandon Meriweather and fullback James Bryant.
The lengths of the suspensions have not been determined.
"I don't have many bad days," Coker said Sunday. "This is a bad day."

"I don't have many bad days." Does Larry Coker watch the Hurricanes when they're playing? He's had three or four bad days in the last seven weeks.

Miami 14, Houston 13 is a bad day. This is a terrible one.

Does this mean that Coker has given up on returning and Miami will mail it in for this season? No. That's already happened.

On a serious note, the NCAA needs to decide what to do about situations like this. It happened in 2004 with South Carolina v. Clemson. Now, less than two years later, it happens again. With the growing "toughness beyond all bounds" culture growing in sports, there needs to be a set approach to these fights instead of the case-by-case, school-by-school hodgepodge we have now. This gets to the heart of the college game just as much as boosters stuffing cash into the pockets of a star QB -- and a brawl can be far more dangerous.


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