Friday, October 06, 2006



1. Steve Spurrier v. Kentucky. Not been pretty in the past. Not pretty at all.
2. Syvelle Newton. Maturing before our eyes. This could be a scary-good offense if Newton gets going.
3. Stanley Doughty. Could he finally be getting the message and getting better? Who knows? But if Dough-boy gets going, look out.
4. Kenny McKinley. USC's No. 2 threat at wide receiver flashed some brilliance during the Auburn game. That might be enough to get Sidney Rice open from time to time.
5. Rich Brooks. Why am I here? Who am I? Who are all these people?


1. This might not be your father's Kentucky. I'm not sure if these Wildcats are all that, but they looked impressive against Florida. Of course, they also looked thoroughly unimpressive against Louisville.
2. Andre' Woodson. This kid is good. Real good.
3. Hubris. Again, this is not a team against which you can let down your guard. Spurrier and Co. have to keep the players' minds in the game.
4. The usual stuff. It's actually been fairly rare for South Carolina to have one of its infamous meltdowns against Kentucky. Law of averages says we might catch up.
5. The ghost of Jared Lorenzen. He leaps from the crowd to eat Syvelle, Sidney and, in an act thought impossible until now, Stanley Doughty.

PREDICTION: South Carolina 28, Kentucky 21

RECORD: Outcome, 3-0; result, 0-3


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