Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Everybody's favorite bipolar columnist is at it again.

Ron Morris of The State has a bad history of going back and forth, up and down.

Until now, he has been, shall we say, down on the Gamecocks. (This after he said a 7-5 record for the season was about right.)

"IT IS NOT time to toss your Steve Spurrier visor out with the garbage, but there is reason to believe his offense might never again match those that tormented ACC and SEC defenses when he was at Duke and Florida," he said a while ago.

Later: "This is the week for South Carolina to prove it is deserving of a 3-1 record heading into the meat of its schedule. This is the week for South Carolina to take the fight to a lesser opponent. This is the week to dominate a Florida Atlantic team with the same youthfulness — and less talent — as the Gamecocks. More than all that, this is the week for USC to gain much-needed confidence. If not, it could be a long season for the Gamecocks and their loyal fans. ... Another less-than-stellar performance against Florida Atlantic and Spurrier’s goal of winning more games than it loses might be a much bigger challenge than once thought."

But USC beat Florida Atlantic 42-6! Woohoo! Break out the champagne! Now it's time for Auburn ... AND VICTORY!

"STEVE SPURRIER LOVES to make college football history, and he will get a chance to do that again Thursday when unranked South Carolina plays No. 2 Auburn. The odds are stacked against USC, given the Gamecocks’ history against ranked opponents and the recent scarcity of unranked teams knocking off top-ranked or second-ranked teams. ... Spurrier seems to have a formula for winning games when his team is the underdog, as it is by 14 points against Auburn.
... Maximize its scoring chances, get a few balls to bounce its way, and USC could make history against Auburn."

[Shakes head vigorously.] HUH?

Morris cannot seriously propose that this team -- the one that had to prove itself after a narrow victory over Wofford -- has a chance to win against Auburn.

Can he?

Alas, he will have forgotten this by the time the Gamecocks lose 40-something to 20-something. He'll be back to talking about how bad USC is, how it needs to prove itself (again), how it won't contend for the SEC for some time.

And he'll completely ignore what he wrote now.

Ron Morris: Never worry about writing now what youc an take back later.


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