Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A string of bad news for several non-CFB players, some of who I like or respect very much, leads me to take a break from our regularly scheduled blogging for just a moment.

First, the one most directly related to CFB: David Pollack, whose freakish performance against South Carolina in 2002 let you know it was going to be a looooong year, is out for the year and maybe longer after breaking his neck while playing in that "other" football organization, the one with that playoff madness.

My heart always sinks when I see the picture, but I will post it here as a sign of respect to an ever-worthy foe.

In my heart, I'm still yelling, "Just throw...just throw the freaking ball!"

Meanwhile, one of the most professional, humble and all around-good men in MLB is out for the season not because of his own injuries (which have been bad enough), but because of an emergency with his daughter.

Derrek Lee is a great baseball player and a greater human being. And the only real reason for watching my beloved Cubbies. Godspeed, D-Lee.

Swinging back around to college, please extend thoughts and prayers to the Duquesne basketball teams, which has seen five of its players shot. Unlike CFB, these guys weren't actually doing the shooting. At least the police appear to have caught at least one of the perpetrators.

God bless you all.

We now return you to our regularly-scheduled frivolity and irreverence, already in progress.


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