Sunday, September 03, 2006


--California does know it's a good idea to, you know, bring people down when you're trying to tackle them, right?

I haven't seen any official stats on this, but I think the cheerleading squad actually had more tackles than the defense.

Robert Meacham: Still running as you read this.

--West Virginia destroys Marshall to win the "Friends of Coal Bowl Trophy." According to this item: "The trophy required six weeks to produce. Liquefied coal mixed with resin formed the football, which rests atop a glass pedestal on a carbon base."

Rodriguez and his players win an increased chance of contracting black lung.

--ESPN on ABC: Why?

--Notre Dame kicker Carl Gioia misses two field goals. He will be able to transfer to Florida State before Monday night's game against Miami.

--Mitch Mustain the new starter at Arkansas. That didn't take long.

--Dan Hawkins remains zen-like after his Colorado squad gets embarrassed by, um, Montana State. Somebody did tell him Montana State was a I-AA team, right?


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