Tuesday, September 05, 2006


How do you know the college football season has truly begun? We have our first criminal charges.

According to the AP:

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas senior starting cornerback Tarell Brown was arrested and charged early Monday with misdemeanor drug and weapon charges, leaving his status in question for the No. 3 Longhorns' matchup with top-ranked Ohio State. ...
According to the report, Harris got out of the car when pulled over and Brown and Gatewood were asleep. Harris passed a field sobriety test but told the deputy he had been smoking marijuana and there was "some" in the car.
When deputies approached the vehicle they saw Brown, who was sitting in the back seat asleep, with his hand on a gun in his lap.

First of all, this falls in line with Dumb Criminal Maxim No. 1: Always tell the police when you've been smoking marijuana.

But it also shows that Brown is truly a brave man. Any man who will fall asleep with a gun in his lap deserves a medal for bravery -- or stupidity.

Risking his future sex life to fulfill the thug image. You think he's scared of WRs?


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