Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Not content to foist Lou Holtz upon us during pre-game, halftime and post-game shows, ESPN has now decided to call on him to do color during some broadcasts as well. I. can. barely. contain. myself.

That said, Brian Grummell over at AOL Fanhouse fills us in on some of the Holtzalicious action:

With the broadcast coming back from commercial, ESPN sideline reporter Rob Stone was shown during a taped segment "stealing" Lou Holtz's car, part of a rookie hazing incident as tonight is Holtz's first color broadcast. Stone scolded Holtz for 1) leaving his car unlocked and 2) leaving the keys inside the car. Holtz clearly is not from this era or anything approaching it. People don't leave their front doors unlocked anymore---nor their cars. Holtz could only sheepishly defend himself by saying "I'm a coach! I'm in the business of trusting people" as he turned red in the face.


Fortunately, none of Holtz's former students were nearby to actually steal the car.

And, Lou, we know that you're "in the business of trusting people" -- as long as they can rush for a hundred yards a game. Derek Watson, anyone?


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