Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Obviously, this is the week of complaints for teams around the country. Oklahoma is still complaining about the refereeing in its game against Oregon and now seems about this close to challenging the Pac-10 to a duel.

I'll show you a thin' or two about callin' them plays, youngster!

Meanwhile, LSU is griping about the calls in its game against Auburn. Virginia coach Al Groh is complaining about boos. And Texas Tech's Mike Leach is complaining about his own players. (Maybe he could complain about the unfairness of having to face a team that actually plays defense, but that's beside the point.)

So I have decided to complain about a few things that I think contributed to South Carolina's loss poor play against Wofford. (It just feels like a loss.)

--The stun guns offensive lineman secretly used against our front seven.
--The fact that Wofford resorted to a decades-old offensive system against a group of young men who grew up on Nintendo 64.
--The use of teleporting by Wofford running backs was not flagged or in any way prevented by referees.

That's gotta be a penalty.

Of course, I could just say that the players and coaches underperformed and have no one but themselves to blame, despite whatever outside factors might have intervened.

But where's the fun -- and ability to escape responsibility -- in that?


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