Thursday, September 21, 2006


This is an effort all South Carolina fans should support.

Why back the retirement of Bobby Bowden? Follow the logic:

Mark Richt was once offensive coordinator of Florida State. He was born in Florida and went to Miami, but most of his coaching experience prior to taking over as head coach of Georgia was at FSU.

Richt has owned South Carolina, losing a grand total of once in five matchups, and that being his first year at Georgia.

Rumblings in Georgia have long been that Richt would take the Seminole job if/when Bobby Bowden retired. (I say "if" because I think Bowden and JoePa have found a secret formula to ward off death, and both are drinking it with reckless abandon.)

So if Bowden retires, Richt could take the FSU job and Georgia could once again hire a coach in the proud tradition of Ray Goff and Jim Donnan. South Carolina can then return to having a chance against Georgia.

Be a good Gamecocks fan. Support the retirment of Coach Bowden.


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