Saturday, September 23, 2006



1. Steve Spurrier. He's not going to let anyone get away with another performance like they had during the Wofford game. I hope.
2. The expectations of the other team. Namely, their coach has pretty much admitted he thinks his team will lose. That means bad gambles because, hey, what have you got to lose?
3. Syvelle Newton. No, South Carolina didn't do as good as they should have against the Terriers. But Newton discovered this guy named Sidney Rice among the Gamecocks receivers. Turns out this Rice kid is pretty good.
4. Sidney Rice. Finally had a 100+-yard game last week against the Terriers. Now, if he does it against a I-A team, we can say things are back on track.
5. The law of averages. We're due for a good game.


1. Underperformance, thy name is South Carolina. There has literally not been a single game this year when the Gamecocks didn't fail miserably to meet expectations. Almost every game has, on some level, been a disaster or near-disaster. The one exception was Mississippi State, which was just a pathetic effort.
2. Howard Schnellenberger. Masochist or not, the man won a national championship at Miami and guided the opening stages of the Louisville surge. He has what you might consider a history of doing the unexpected.
3. The defense. After good performances for the first two game of the seasons, they got ripped by Wofford. Granted, Florida Atlantic appears to be more of a passing team, but that's not much of a comfort.
4. Hubris. I can't believe that this would actually happen given last week's "win," but it's always a possibility.
5. Looking ahead. Yes, we have Auburn next week. But it's time to focus on FAU and worry about the Tigers later.


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